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Faith is clearly a well-seasoned server and did an excellent job mentoring Darjem.  Darjem looks like he is well on his way…

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If there is one common thing our guests, our employees and our partners have to say about the Stonewater Group, it’s that we care.

We Care About The Community We are committed to our communities. The community is the lifeblood of our business and we will always go above and beyond to give back to our loyal friends and neighbours. Whether it is a charity fundraising event for local programs or just helping out someone in need, the Stonewater team always aims to make a positive difference in the community.

We Care About The Environment We are not perfect, but we are conscious of our environment and have always been a leader in our system in finding ways to reduce waste and recycle. We are also proud participants in environmental awareness campaigns like Earth Hour, dimming our lights within our business and encouraging our 400+ staff to do the same at home.

We Care About Our Guests We are in the guest experience business and our mission is to deliver memorable experiences. People take time out of their busy day to have a break from the hectic pace – and they entrust us to make a difference – to provide that safe haven to relax and unwind – to eat well and to be social. If we do anything to take away from that experience, we will do everything we can to earn our guest’s forgiveness.

About The guests: The guests are the most important people in the company. The guest is not dependent on us, indeed we are dependent on the guest. We work for the guests. The guest is not an interruption of our work. The guest is the reason for our work. The guest does us a favor by using our business. We are not doing the guest a favor by being of service to them. The guest is as much a part of our business as anything else, including our employees or facilities. If we sold the business, the guests would go with it. The guest is not a cold statistic. The guest is a person with feelings and emotions, just like yours. Treat the guest better than you would like to be treated.The guest is not someone to argue with or match wits with. It is our job to anticipate the needs, wants, and expectations of our guests and, wherever possible, allay their concerns and resolve their issues. The guest deserves the most attentive, courteous, and professional treatment we can provide. The guest is the lifeblood of our business without guests, we would not have a business. We work for the guests.

Our Credo

“Deliver a difference” If we do not look after our guests, the competition will. That’s why we constantly remind ourselves to ‘deliver a difference.’ The reputation of the entire company depends on that credo.